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Most U.S.: Ensure elections are fair in the U.S. – today and forever

Repub: Give state lawmakers the power to overturn election results they don’t like

Led by Donald Trump, the Republican Party is attacking the very foundation of our democracy: fair and free elections. Hundreds of their candidates for Governor, Secretary of State, and other offices that run elections have said right out loud that they will overturn election results they don’t like, based on outright lies about widespread voter fraud. These Trump-loyalists, if elected, will destroy YOUR OWN RIGHT as a citizen to choose your elected leaders – including, in 2024, the President. 

  • Tell them NO! at the polls this Fall. Vote against any candidate for ANY office claiming the 2020 Presidential election was “stolen.” It was NOT. If enough of these candidates win offices this Fall, it will put our entire democracy and nation at risk.
  • America needs strong Democratic majorities in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to pass urgently needed laws that will ensure safe, fair elections. In your state’s races for U.S. House and Senate, vote for Democrats who will defend your right to free and fair elections. 

Why this is so important:

  • Are Republican election-deniers running in YOUR state?  FIND OUT HERE.
  • Curious how “Stop the Steal” became a movement to destroy American elections? FIND OUT HOW.
  • Want to know what laws that could overturn fair election results look like? FIND OUT HERE.

Most U.S.: Make voting simple & easy

Repub: Make voting hard for working people

The 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, conducted in the midst of a global pandemic, should be regarded as a model and a triumph of American democracy. Voter turnout was the highest in more than 100 years. In the end, despite furious efforts by Republicans to identify examples of voter fraud, virtually none was found. And yet in 2021, no less than 52 state laws were passed by Republican legislators and signed by Republican governors to eliminate many of the steps that made voting safer and more accessible to voters. The Democrat-led House of Representatives passed major new laws that would make voting simple and easy for Americans and safeguard fair elections, but the Senate could not find even a single Republican Senator willing to buck the Republican Party line and support these crucial measures. 

  • Majorities of Americans of both political parties say these bills should pass. Vote for candidates who support passing freedom-to-vote laws.

This voter stuck with it, despite new obstacles designed to make it hard to vote. Many won’t.

Want to see how the Democrats’ voting rights bills protect YOUR right and ability to vote? FIND OUT HERE.

Most U.S.: Make voter suppression illegal

Repub: Actively suppress voting by Democratic-leaning voters

Harris County, Texas is home to Houston, many surrounding suburbs, and 4.5 million people – more than 25 whole states. Under a new law passed by the state’s ultra-conservative Republican legislature and signed by conservative Republican governor Greg Abbott, all counties in Texas will get just one voting dropbox in the 2022 election. Those lawmakers maintain that it is fair and the same for one dropbox to serve 4.5 million people in Harris County and for one dropbox to serve the 169 individuals who live in Loving County. They maintain that this is not an effort to suppress voting in Democratic-leaning Harris County. Texas has passed other laws that limit mail-in voting, which in 2020 also leaned Democratic. If these laws do not constitute flagrant efforts to suppress voting by power-obsessed officeholders, what does?

The Republican playbook: Suppressing votes, rather than solving America’s challenges

  • Is your state one of these, home to vicious Republican attacks on your voting rights? FIND OUT HERE. 
  • Want to get so mad you want to spit? Read about Wisconsin. HERE.

Most U.S.: Defend bedrock American democratic principles like the peaceful transition of power

Repub: Blindly follow a former President who tried to overthrow the Constitution and government of the United States

We all bore witness to the reality of the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol. More recently, the bipartisan hearings on events leading up to the attack have documented the illegal, unprecedented efforts by then-President Donald J. Trump to overturn the election, trash the Constitution, and reclaim the White House for four more years. There is nothing more important to the United States, and nothing that has meant more to the worldwide fight against tyranny and fascist autocracy over the past century, than our strong history of the peaceful transition of power. Donald J. Trump is the only American President ever to try to overcome that history. And yet the frightening threat of January 6 is as deep, or deeper, today as it was on that day at the Capitol, because of his words and actions since then and those of Republican Party leaders who defend him. 

  • This Fall, vote for candidates who will stand and defend the peaceful transition of power – not tear it down.
  • No matter what you may have thought about the policies of the Trump Administration, the Republican/Trump-Loyalist effort to shatter bedrock American principles of democracy must be stopped.

How Trump and the Republican Party Tried to Overthrow the U.S. Constitution:

  • Why can we be confident that there was hardly any voter fraud? FIND OUT HERE.
Credit: The Lincoln Project
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