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Simply read down the left-hand column of blue boxes on this site’s home page. That represents what majorities of Americans – including Democrats, Independents, and Republicans – say they want. Then read the right-hand column of red boxes. They represent the position of the increasingly extreme Republican Party on each of these issues. 

  • Ask yourself: which country do you want to live in? Which country seems better able to address the challenges YOU face, and that your community faces, and that the U.S. and the entire planet face? 
  • Want to learn more about what’s behind those blue and red boxes? Click on any of them to go to a short examination of that particular issue, with links and videos for further exploring. A well-informed citizenry, wrote Thomas Jefferson, is the heart of a dynamic democracy and the best defense against tyranny.
  • Feeling moved to act? Here are four simple steps you can take.

Who’s Behind This Campaign

Vote for Our Lives and #WhyImVoting2022 are the work of about a dozen citizen-volunteers who have grown alarmed and concerned about the future of the United States as a democracy and world leader. America is a nation guided by great, ambitious ideas about freedom, equality, opportunity, and the protection of individual rights while recognizing the importance of the common good. These ideas are made possible by another, fundamental one: respect for the rule of law. 

We believe most Americans would support these straightforward statements. But in recent years, many Americans have been utterly misled by the hard-right media, the dangerously autocratic Donald J. Trump, and the capture of the Republican Party by its extreme right wing. Americans should be shocked to see that one-third of Republicans running for office in the 2022 midterm elections deny the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election and the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidency. 

Countless audits, court cases, and analyses from across the political spectrum have proved without doubt that the 2020 election was one of the fairest, cleanest, most scrutinized, and most effective (in terms of voter turnout) elections in American history. Donald Trump may be one of history’s biggest sore losers, but that’s not the real danger. The risk to American democracy is that Trump’s endless lying about the election has infected millions of Americans and turned Republican leaders in Congress into spineless enablers of the biggest heist in American history: the theft of Americans’ confidence in the integrity of their elections and democratic systems.

Our group of volunteers has no issue whatsoever with honest differences of opinion on policy between Americans and their political parties. Working through those differences is how democracy works, and why it works better than autocracies in which all sides of an argument are not heard. But right now, the Republican Party has backed itself into a corner, taking positions on today’s most important issues that run counter to what majorities of Americans say they want. And when you can’t win on the issues, you resort to other ways to win – including, unbelievably in this country, declaring in advance that the only way the other side can win is by cheating. Despite the firmly established fact that winning elections based on fraudulent voting in the U.S. is simply not happening. There are too many safeguards in place. The whole controversy about “voter fraud” is, in fact, a fraud!

Democracies die when leaders – in the media, among the super-wealthy, and in government – trade their integrity in search of raw, uncontrolled power. Sadly, that’s where Donald Trump, Senate and House leaders Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, the 6-3 ultra-conservative block on the U.S. Supreme Court, and the hard-right media led by Fox News have brought the Republican Party. It is time for Americans across the entire political spectrum to rise up and show them – and the world – that the United States of America is stronger, bigger, and greater than that. 

Defeating those who would destroy the American experiment requires that we ALL do what we can. We vote. We organize. We convince our friends and family to register and to vote. This fall, and in every national and local/statewide election for the foreseeable future. That is what it will take. It is time, America, to….

Vote for Our Lives

Produced and paid for by Vote for Our Lives, and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. To contact the campaign, send an email to voteforourlivescampaign@gmail.com

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